Auto Theft Layers of Protection

  • Always lock your car, even at home in your garage.
  • Roll up your windows.
  • Never leave valuables in your car.
  • Use a visible anti-theft device like a steering wheel lock, etc.
  • Use an alarm system with an electrical cutoff to disable the car.
  • When shopping or parking in large parking lots, always park as close to any activity as possible.
  • If possible, equip your car with a tracking device like LOJACK or OnStar. This will aid in recovery of your vehicle.
  • Enroll in an anti-theft program such as Watch Your Car.
  • No one device works all the time – use multiple layers of protection.

CPD and the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority Efforts

The Chandler Police Department in conjunction with the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority works to reduce auto theft in targeted areas and provide education and awareness for the prevention of auto theft. Two programs the Chandler Police Department uses to aid in this effort are Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etching and Watch Your Car.

VIN etching uses a stencil to etch the VIN into the windshield and windows of a vehicle. By etching the VIN, it makes it harder for thieves to sell or replace the glass from stolen vehicles without an increased risk of detection. It also helps in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

The Watch Your Car decal program is a free, voluntary program in which vehicle owners enroll their vehicles with the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority. The vehicle is then entered into the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) database and participants receive decals for their front and rear windows. By displaying the decals, vehicle owners convey to law enforcement officials that their vehicle is not usually in use between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., when the majority of auto thefts occur. In addition, by enrolling in the Watch Your Car Program, vehicle owners also authorize law enforcement officials to stop their vehicle at any time during the day or night within one-mile of the border, if there is a suspicion that the vehicle is being illegally operated. If a police officer witnesses the vehicle in operation between these hours, they have the right to stop the vehicle and verify it is being legally operated by the rightful owner.



For more information on the Watch Your Car program you can call 1-888-668-4433 or visit their website at

You an also contact the Blanca Quezada with Crime Prevention Unit at (480) 782-4960 or email