This page is a tribute the Chandler Police Department’s sworn law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. These officers were part of the Chandler family and were committed members to the mission of the Chandler Police Department. We will never forget the ultimate sacrifice paid or the person behind the badge. It is with great honor that we pay a lasting tribute to each of these fallen officers by preserving their memories within these pages.

James Snedigar

Jim Snedigar
  • Officer
  • Badge Number: 312
  • End of Watch: April 16, 1999

Officer Snedigar lost his life while participating in a SWAT operation to apprehend multiple armed robbery suspects hiding in a large apartment complex. Officer Snedigar was slain while entering an apartment in which one or more of the suspects were believed to be. Other Chandler Officers returned fire killing the suspect. Officer Snedigar was the first Chandler Police Officer killed in the line of duty. Officer Snedigar is survived by his wife, a son, two daughters, and seven grandkids.

Rob Nielsen

  • Officer
  • Badge Number: 445
  • End of Watch: June 12, 2002

Officer Nielsen lost his life while responding to a traffic collision near Chandler Boulevard and Price Road. While travelling westbound on Chandler Boulevard, Officer Nielsen was involved in a traffic collision when his patrol car was struck by a vehicle turning northbound onto Pennington Drive. The force of the impact caused Officer Nielsen’s patrol car to collide with the traffic signal rupturing the fuel tank. Officer Nielsen’s patrol car was engulfed in flames killing Officer Nielsen at the scene. Officer Nielsen is survived by his wife, parents, brother, and sister.

Carlos Ledesma

  • Detective
  • Badge Number: 600
  • End of Watch: July 28, 2010

Detective Ledesma lost his life while performing an undercover narcotics operation. Detective Ledesma, along with two other Chandler Detectives, were ambushed while attempting to complete a drug transaction. Upon entering the Phoenix residence where the transaction was to take place the suspects immediately began firing, killing Detective Ledesma and seriously wounding the two undercover detectives accompanying him. Undercover detectives returned fire killing two suspects. Seven more suspects were later arrested in connection with Detective Ledesma’s killing. Detective Ledesma is survived by his wife and two sons.

David Payne

Officer David Payne
  • Officer
  • Badge Number: 574
  • End of Watch: October 31, 2014

Officer Payne lost his life after being struck by a vehicle while stopped for a red light at the intersection of Chandler Boulevard and Pennington Drive. The force of the impact pushed Officer Payne and his police motorcycle through the intersection. Officer Payne succumbed to his injuries a short time later. The driver of the vehicle that struck Officer Payne fled the scene, but was located approximately 1/2 mile down the road and taken into custody.