The Chandler Police Department Wilderness Youth Experience mission is to promote self-discovery, principles of good character, constructive interaction with others, and a deeper understanding of nature through experiential education.

Our educational philosophy emphasizes the use of experiential education. We provide participants with outdoor leaning experiences, allowing time for processing and reflection. Leaning experiences are then analyzed and synthesized.

The experiences provided are designed to challenge the individual and the group physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Using the natural world as a classroom affords us many opportunities to expand the participant’s life experiences and encourages personal growth. Support, trust, and respect are valued and promoted throughout all phases of instruction, management and administration.

It is the Wilderness Youth Experience goal to take participants into new environments and:

  • Introduce participants to a new environment while fostering an appreciation for nature and their community.
  • Challenge individuals through the use of physical and mental activities.
  • Promote good communication skills that can be transferred to participant’s everyday life.
  • Teach constructive interaction with others through the use of role modeling and activities.
  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence through the use of character building group exercises.
  • Foster responsibility and adherence to law through individual and group-based activities.