Chandler Police Celebrates its Centenary Jubilee

On March 9, 1920, Chandler Town Ordinance Title VII was adopted. Section 1 was titled, “Police Court and General Penal Provisions.” It stated in part, “…the police court of the Town of Chandler shall be presided over by a Police Justice…” Section 2 read, “…the Town Marshal of the Town of Chandler shall be ex-officio Chief of Police of said court…”  These ordinances were signed by Chandler’s founder and first Mayor, Dr. A.J. Chandler, and by City Clerk W.W. Pickerell. 

Charles Malone would become the first Town Marshall.

Along with Police Chief, the Town Marshal also served as the lone Watchman for the town. For several years, the Marshal would be a one-man police force until a second watchman was added. Chandler doubled its police force from a Watchman to a Day Watchman and a Night Watchman.

Today, the Chandler Police Department is made up of 503 personnel, which includes 332 sworn police officers.  These men and women serve a population of 263,165 residents and countless others.  The Department is committed to ensuring Chandler remains a safe community where people want to live, work, and thrive.

Throughout 2020, the Chandler Police Department will showcase its centenary with stories, anecdotes, and tributes to past and present employees.