What qualifies as a lateral officer?

A lateral officer is an experienced certified Peace Officer in good standing. A successful out of state applicant will be required to take an AZPOST waiver exam prior to becoming a certified Peace Officer in Arizona and beginning the field training program. A successful certified Arizona Peace Officer applicant will start the field training program upon being selected.  

Pay Scale

Lateral officers receive 5% above the minimum of the range for each year of experience

  • 1 year of experience = $27.80
  • 2 years of experience = $29.18
  • 3 years of experience = $30.64
  • 4 years of experience = $32.19
  • 5 years of experience = $33.80
  • 6 years of experience = $35.49
  • 7+ years of experience = $37.26



During an opening, you must submit an application via Chandleraz.gov under the jobs section.

Background Packets

After your application has been submitted, you must fill out a background packet . You will need to submit this document via an encrypted email to make sure there are no automatic disqualifiers. Click HERE for directions on how to submit the documents.

Once you have submitted the background packet and AZPOST Personal History packet, it will be reviewed by a background investigator. You will then be contacted by Detectives to schedule a date and time for the physical agility test.

Background Packet 

Physical Agility

The next Physical Agility Test is scheduled on 6/14/2021. You need to bring your completed and notarized background packet to turn in.

The minimum PT requirements are as follows:

  • 31 sit-ups within 1 minute
  • 21 push-ups within 1 minute
  • 300 meter sprint within 1 minute

Applicants passing the PT will be scheduled for an oral board. Out of state applicants will be scheduled first and in state applicants will be scheduled for later that week.

Oral Board

Our next oral boards are scheduled for 6/14/2021 through 6/17/2021. You will need to bring all of your original documents (driver’s license, high school diploma, birth certificate, social security card, etc) with you to your oral board interview so a background investigator can review them.

Applicants passing the oral board interview will be scheduled for a background interview. If you are available to do your background interview the same day as your oral board please be prepared for an additional l 3-4 hours.

Background Investigation

Applicants passing the background interview will be scheduled for a polygraph examination and a firearms qualification. You have the option to bring your own gear or the Chandler Police Department Range will provide you with gear. For out-of-state applicants, we will attempt to complete all of the above steps prior to your departure.

Once these steps have been successfully completed, the background investigation will begin, which can take 4-6 weeks.

Conditional Offer

Applicants passing the background investigation will receive a conditional job offer. You will then be scheduled for a psychological exam, medical exam, drug screen, and an interview with the Police Chief.

Applicants passing all of the above steps will receive a final job offer.