The Community Services Section currently has ten certified police officers that serve as School Resource Officers (SROs) for the Chandler, Kyrene, and Mesa Public School Districts. These officers are assigned to our High Schools and Junior/Middle Schools for the entire school year. The schools served by these officers include:

Chandler High Officer Joshua Bazzell  (480) 812-7988 or                                                                                                                                     

Hamilton High Officer Chris Anderson  (480) 883-5027 or                                                                                                                                  

Basha High:  Officer Willie Walker  (480) 224-2130 or                                                                                                                                      

Santan JROfficer Fernando Gomez  (480) 833-4638 or                                                                                                                              

Bogle JROfficer Lisa Weinhold  (480) 883-5506 or                                                                                                                                       

Willis JROfficer Mike Story  (480) 883-5767 or                                                                                                                                                  

Anderson JROfficer Rick Cole  (480) 883-5330 or                                                                                                                                                    

Summit AcademyOfficer Stephen Dieu  (480) 472-3310 or                                                                                                                                                           

Pueblo MiddleOfficer Shawn Hansen (480) 541-6807 or                                                                                                                                                  

Aprende MiddleOfficer Tyler Service (480) 541-6242 or                                                                                                                                                        

Six of the SRO positions are grant-funded through the Arizona Department of Education School Safety Program. These grant funds are applied for and administered by the school districts. Three positions are in the Chandler Unified School District, two in Kyrene School District, and one in Mesa Public Schools.

Our SRO’s are trained by the Arizona Department of Education in a partnership with Law for Kids, which is the State of Arizona’s School Safety Program that allows each SRO to instruct L.R.E. classes.  All Chandler SROs are members of the Arizona School Resource Officers Association (ASROA) and the National School Resource Officers Association (NASRO), both of which provide training and networking among other SROs from across the state and nation. The Chandler Police Department’s SRO program has been recognized as a “Model School Resource Officer Agency” by the National Association of School Resource Officers.

The SRO utilizes both proactive and reactive community policing methods in dealing with educational institutions. Several of Chandler’s SROs participate in extra-curricular activities at their schools such as clubs and coaching athletic teams. This enables the SRO to foster positive relationships with both students, parents and staff in order to change the way the public looks at the law enforcement community.

YOUTH PROGRAMS THE SRO’s PROVIDE:  (Youth Academy & Wilderness Youth Experience)

School Resource Officers are also responsible for the facilitation of the Youth Academy and the Wilderness Youth Experience.

SRO’s ADDITIONAL TRAINING: (Mental Health, De-escalation, Diversity & Inclusion)

Additionally, our SRO’s are trained in a nationally recognized program, Mental Health First Aid for Youth, and most of our SRO’s are trained in Crisis Intervention or commonly called CIT.  We follow the best practices model, which is the Memphis Model.  Our goal is to have all of our SRO’s trained in both of these programs, which again demonstrates how we are utilizing the best training when working with the students.

Finally, we instruct all of our SRO’s in de-escalation, which they also receive in their CIT classes as well as diversity and inclusion training.  As you can see, we provide the best possible training to our SRO’s making them an extremely important part of the SRO triad model:  Law Enforcement Officer, Teacher, Counselor and we are Mentors.  


The SRO’s provide an individual service to the parents, students, and staff at the school they serve.

First, they provide an enforcement presence on campus and take the appropriate police action when needed.

Second, they serve as a resource to the school’s counseling and attendance staff and are routinely called upon to talk to students and investigate a variety of calls.

Third, the officers serve as a classroom resource providing numerous hours of Law-Related Education (LRE) classes covering such topics ranging from substance abuse to constitutional law.

One of the most important functions for each of our SRO’s is to develop relationships with the school staff, students, and parents.  We are here to assist your students and are positive role models.  The Chandler Police Department SRO Unit takes great pride in having the best SRO Unit in the State of Arizona.  We accomplish this by providing the best customer service, developing excellent and meaningful relationships, and providing the best education to the students and their families.

Our overall mission is to work with the students, family members, and school staff to resolve any issues and to keep our youth out of the criminal justice system if at all possible.  Furthermore, our goal is to try and divert incidents and not turn them into criminal cases if at all possible.  We do our best to teach and educate the students so they make good choices thus becoming great citizens and ambassadors in the community.

We are always here to assist you.  If you have any questions please contact your school SRO or for all other concerns contact the SRO Unit Supervisor Sergeant Greg Howarth, M.Ed. at (480) 782-4928 or email:

PREVENTION AND EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES:  (Parents, Students, and School Staff)

For other prevention and education websites for parents and students ranging from bullying to harassment, to sexting and more, please click on the resource link below.

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TEEN Lifeline – Making an Impact Saving Lives: 
(Please Call or Text 602-248-8336 for crisis assistance or to talk about an issue you are having)

For 35 years, Teen Lifeline has been the constant in answering teens’ calls for help and, since 2012, has seen programmatic growth year-over-year. In 2020 alone, we answered 35,000 calls/texts, were on 300,000+ student IDs, and reached 320,000 school staff, community members, parents, and students with prevention services.

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Here is a list and explanation of other Potentially Dangerous Apps that All Parents should be aware of.

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