SmartWater CSI

The Chandler Police Department has partnered with SmartWater CSI.  SmartWater CSI produces a chemically-coded solution, spotted only under a special light source, that is used to identify stolen property.  SmartWater CSI’s traceable liquids are not only both unique and revolutionary but also widely supported by the US law enforcement community.  With millions of formulas available, much like DNA, each solution is unique.  Criminals hate traceability, as it makes them accountable to the Courts and SmartWater CSI’s products, whether simply dabbed onto your property or sprayed onto intruders, represent the ultimate threat to their freedom.  SmartWater CSI’s forensic technology will enable the police to link them back to their crime for years and that’s why it’s a major crime deterrent.


The Chandler Police Department will provide residents our partnership promotion code on November 1, 2017.  The promotion code offers a discounted flat rate fee, with no associated monthly or registration fees.  Not only does this product help police identify stolen property, it also deters crime.