Robbery prevention begins with reducing opportunities!

 Be Proactive

  • Install a height indicator strip on the front door frame.
  • Place a workable camera at eye level inside the business, aimed at the front door.
  • develop a strong store policy — Know it! Enforce It! Educate your employees!
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Reduction of opportunity equals reduction of vulnerability.

 Interior Opportunities

Greet All Customers as They Enter

  • Make eye contact.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Make transactions personal.

Be Aware of Who Is Inside the Business

  • Watch for suspicious persons or activities.

Keep the Business Clean and Uncluttered

  • Interior and exterior should be well lit.
  • Do not block view throughout the store or outside into the parking lot wiht display items, posters or signs.

Enforce Store Policies

  • Clearly posted rules eliminate confusion

Exterior Opportunities

Increase Visibility

  • Lights
  • Trimmed landscape
  • Eye-viewers
  • Keep windows clear of posters and/or signs

Control Access

  • Keep rear doors locked at all times
  • Keep doors locked when the business is closed
  • Keep the dumpster areas locked

Recognize Suspicious Activity

  • Watch for people loitering before or after business hours
  • Look for unoccupied vehicles
  • Watch for people wearing clothing out-of-season (i.e. jacket in middle of summer)
  • Watch out for any “odd” behavior


Taking Out the Trash | Night Deposits | Going Home

  • Have specific rules for employees
  • Vary routines
  • Safety in numbers

During A Robbery

  • Cooperate
  • Try to remain calm
  • Do not resist
  • Do not talk or ask questions
  • Do not stare
  • Expect to be threatened
  • Keep hands in plain sight
  • Activate alarm only if able to do so safely

 After A Robbery

  • DO NOT give chase or follow suspect/s
  • Activate silent alarm, if not done so already
  • Call 9-1-1 and say “I’ve just been robbed.”
  • Stay on the line to answer all questions
  • Lock the front door and put up a “closed due to emergency” sign
  • Do not allow anyone to leave until the police arrive
  • Move the person who was robbed to a quiet place
  • DO NOT touch anything
  • Try to preserve the crime scene
  • Do not discuss observations with anyone
  • Distribute “Suspect Description” forms to be completed individually
  • Give forms to police when they arrive

The Chandler Police Department Crime Prevention Officers can education business owners and employees on how to be safe at work, including robbery prevention.  We can also provide a security assessment of your property, giving you direction on how to make your property safer for employees and customers.


If you would like a presentation, security assessment, or more information on robbery prevention or crime prevention in general, please call (480) 782-4960.