Professional Services Division

The Professional Services Division includes the Criminal Investigations Bureau, Support Services Section, Forensic Services Section, Communications Section, Planning & Research Section and Technology Section.

Criminal Investigations Bureau

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is organized into three Sections:  Person’s Crimes, Property Crimes, and Special Investigations.

Support Services, Forensic Services, Communications, & Technology Sections

The Support Services Section is organized into two Units:  Records and Property & Evidence.  The Forensic Services Section is composed of the Crime Scene Unit and a Forensic Science Team.  Both are managed by an Administration group.

The Communications Section is the Department’s Dispatch and Communications Support group.  The Technology Section is organized by a Technology Support group.

Planning & Research Section

The Planning & Research Section is organized into two Units:  Planning & Research and Crime Analysis & Research.  This Section provides administrative, strategic and tactical information essential to the accomplishment of the department’s mission.