Chandler Police Cadets Program Opens Recruiting

The Chandler Police Department is now accepting applications for our Cadets Program. For more information, please contact Officer John Somerville at (480) 782-4951 or visit

Detectives Need Help with Animal Abuse Case

On Monday, September 18, 2017, Chandler police officers found a three-year-old female dog named Panda with a severe laceration to her throat. Investigators have ruled out Panda’s injuries were caused by another animal and believe her throat was intentionally cut with a sharp object. Detectives are searching for any information in this case. 

Update to Hamilton High School Investigation

In February, 2017, Chandler Police learned of possible criminal acts by members of the Hamilton High School football team against their teammates.  Investigators learned six players, five juveniles and one adult, were involved in acts of sexual and physical assault, … Continued

Police Searching for Missing Juvenile

On the evening of September 13, 2017, 11-year-old Jordan Keys was reported missing from her Chandler residence.  Jordan, a white female with shoulder length curly brown hair, was last seen around 6:30pm near Hamilton Street and Reflection Place. On the … Continued

Arrest Made in 1987 Missing Person Case

In July of 1987, 22-year-old Donna Mae Jokumsen was reported missing by her parents after failing to arrive at their Washington home. She was last seen alive on July 5th, 1987. When officers arrived at the Jokumsen residence, they found her husband Kevin and both their children, but Donna Mae was gone. On August 31, 2017, Kevin Jokumsen was arrested by the Auburn (Washington) Police Department for the murder of Donna Mae. 

Police Seek Identity of Jewel Thief

On Saturday, August 19, 2017, an unidentified black male walked into the Ben Bridge jewelry store inside the Chandler Fashion Mall and stole a diamond valued at sixteen thousand dollars. Police need help identifying the suspect.

Detectives Arrest Burglary Suspect; Seek ID of Accomplice

When Chandler Police arrested, 36-year-old Anas Muraweh for trespassing, they discovered a large amount of cash and loose change was located inside his vehicle.  Inside the roll of cash, detectives located personal checks made out to the Islamic Center of the East Valley. Muraweh, and a second unknown suspect, burglarized the mosque the night before.